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Hello to everyone!

This blog is going to deliver short summaries of things happening at openSUSE that are related to KDE. This includes e.g. news from the package repos and other activities by openSUSE contributors. Packagers do an important job in order to get KDE and its applications to the users thus they should get some credit for that. If you think that there is some person that deserves some kudos, let me know.

From the repos:

  • Thanks to dirk and tittiatcoke the UNSTABLE repo released KDE SC 4.5 beta 1 (4.4.80) packages¬† and got updated to (4.4.81) a few days later. .81 includes an updated dbusmenu-qt package which solves the issue of the systray not accepting right-clicks.
  • KDEPIM¬† packages within the UNSTABLE repo where renamed to kdepim4-44 since KDE 4.5.0 SC will ship the KDE SC 4.4 version of KDEPIM. Current snapshots of the KDE SC 4.5 KDEPIM are placed in a sub-repo KDE:KDE4:UNSTABLE:Desktop:kdepim45 and updated daily by tittiatcoke
  • tittiacoke updated rekonq to 0.4.90, koffice to 2.2.0 (UNSTABLE) and skrooge to 0.7.1 (Community)
  • cornelisbb updated lyx to 1.90alpha3 (Playground)
  • saigkill updated kmymoney4 to 3.98.1 (Community)
  • bitshuffler updated luckybackup to 0.4.0, Clementine to 0.3¬† (Community) and added kmix-pulse (Playground)
  • tgoettlicher updated kupdateapplet to 0.9.14 (Factory)
  • buschmann23 updated plasmoid-fancy-tasks_v2 to 1.0.93 (Community)

From the community:

  • This week’s KDE IRC meeting at #opensuse-kde was quite busy. Thanks to everyone for attending and contributing. The minutes can be found at the openSUSE wiki.
  • Bille aka wstephenson was busy working on network management mobile broadband support (KDE SC 4.5), kdepim bugfixing for openSUSE 11.3 and package updates.
  • Dirk worked on KDE and Qt packages
  • Llunak worked on On-demand package installation in openSUSE, reviewing 11.3 and bugreports for it, fixing various issues and moving pages to the new openSUSE wiki as part of his Boosters work.
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