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There was not much to report last week thus I skipped the blog post.  No issues with KDE and no IRC meeting either. This week’s IRC meeting took quite long since we had to discuss the KDE repository reorganisation. We did not finish yet but decisions already taken will be posted to the opensuse-kde@ mailinglist soon.

IMHO renaming URLs will not solve the issue of users getting their information off some forum and mailinglists and thus ending-up with a wild mix of Qt and KDE repos and wondering why their KDE repo suddenly becomes WIP since they are using Factory. Although everything is written out nicely on the openSUSE wiki, most people still did not get the different usage of the term STABLE within the last years. The STABLE repo always contained the packages released with the last openSUSE version plus official openSUSE updates, i.e. “stable openSUSE KDE” rather than “stable KDE for openSUSE”. Hence I prefer a GUI that explains everything to and handles repos for the user, keeping him away from URLs.

Anyway, this week I installed openSUSE 11.3 RC1 from the KDE Live CD keeping my 11.2 user folder and everything went fine. I had to re-arrange a few things since I used the KDE Air desktop theme on 11.2 which is not installed by default because of openSUSE Air.

The desktop effects did not work with my NVIDIA 7600 and the nouveau driver. The tricky bit is that with the nouveau driver installed the binary NVIDIA driver failed to compile. Yet even removing the package did not help, lsmod still showed the nouveau driver in use, no matter what runlevel I chose. Finally I found a hint that one has to run mkinitrd after one removed the package in order to get rid of that failing driver. Quite annoying. So if it fails for you as well and you do not want to use KDE without desktop effects, now you know what to do.

wstephenson announced on the opensuse-kde@ mailinglist that openSUSE 11.3 will ship KDE SC 4.4.4, so you want might to test those packages.

KDE Repos:

Thanks to dirk and tittiatcoke KDE SC 4.5 RC1 has built successfully and will be published to the UNSTABLE repo as soon as it was officially announced by the KDE Community. Further we got a new version of digikam in Backports and even digikam 1.3 will be available soon for KDE SC < 4.5 although it does need some libs from 4.5’s kdegraphics. Other updates include gluon, bespin, kaffeine,  scim-qtimm, amarok-git, qoauth, nepomuk-playground-svn, kdevelop4-pg-qt, kdevelop4-extra-plugins, luckybackup, lyx, vlc and of course Qt. Thanks to jobermayer, bitshuffler, alexqwesa, Beineri, cornelisbb, tittiatcoke and dirk for those.

Update: Digikam 1.3 is available for KDE SC < 4.5 from the Community, not the Backports repo.


This week I tried to find the reason for yakuake taking >3 seconds before it slides down the first time. I thought that changing the default black text on white ground profile to one with white text on black ground slowed yakuake’s sliding down quite a bit. But that might have been an illusion since changing it back did not improve anything. However I guess that the graphics driver plays a part in this issue since the delay seems shorter on Intel graphics than on Nvidia (binary driver).

Also I found some fellow sufferers that experience the same plasma hangs as soon as the network connection is lost. Who would think that plasma becomes really slow without using the CPU just because my network cable slipped out of the plug.


Unfortunately I could not attend this week’s KDE IRC meeting at openSUSE thus I can only quote some things from the meeting minutes.

  • nepomuk will be off by default in 11.3. Not only its indexing service aka strigi but all of it. However, the akonadi warning dialogue will get a button that starts nepomuk.

From my experience with KDE SC 4.4.3 (virtuoso soprano backend), the version that openSUSE 11.3 will ship, I would have to admit that this is the right way to go for a default setting since for me nepomuk still makes dolphin stall at file operations such as moving a lot of files etc.

Strigi’s harddisk I/O on every KDE login is apparently the only way to check for all kinds of changes to the indexed files. Yet it is known that heavy I/O makes the system and thus KDE look slow and puts off users no matter how useful the features of a tool are. According to the bug report on the issue it was solved for KDE SC 4.5, yet since openSUSE 11.3 ships KDE SC 4.4.3 this does not apply.

  • KDE SC 4.4.3 will not be patched to fix a dbus issue that makes nepomuk crash because 4.4 is supposedly not affected that much and nepomuk is off by default anyway.


Thanks to dirk and tittiatcoke I could update my netbook to KDE SC 4.5 beta 2 (.85) from UNSTABLE. The main desktop’s update to the packages from KKFD reverted kupdateapplet to the version that comes with openSUSE 11.2 since its requirements were fixed by tgoettlicher and anything <11.3 cannot meet the PackageKit 0.6.3 requirement (yet).

Further I noticed updated packages for kdepim45, NetworkManager-kde4, rekonq, kwin-fx-bedropped, akonadi-googledata, kid3, plasmoid-yawp, cocoon and and the Qt packages. Thanks to tittiatcoke, bitshuffler, plater, jobermayr and dirk for those.


llunak found a new way of fixing krunner “command execution bugs” and created a replacement for that feature. I have not tried it yet but the delays krunner has before it actually executes a command are tempting me.

I guess it’s known that openSUSE offers so called “one-click installs” which need more than one click and whose GUI looks a bit like WIP. wstephenson told me that he is working on those issues, so I hope we see some improvements in the ease of usage soon.

Greetings! Second week of the KDE at openSUSE blog. We are now on PlanetSUSE as well, so hello to all its readers. And since you did not get the last post: this blog is a short summary of what’s happening at openSUSE regarding KDE and it tries to give all those that bring KDE to the openSUSE users the credit they deserve.

From the repos:

  • Thanks to dirk and tittiatcoke UNSTABLE got updated to .82
  • alin’s simon package (0.3a1) was copied to Playground
  • anubisg1 updated acetoneiso2 to 2.2.1 (Community)
  • benstein updated kaffeine to 1.0 (Playground)
  • tittiatcoke updated kdepim45 daily and amarok to 2.3.1 (UNSTABLE, Community), added bluedevil 0.0.svn1132921 (Playground) and phonon-vlc 2.0git20100601 (UNSTABLE)
  • tgoettlicher updated kupdapplet to 0.9.16 (Factory)

From the community:

  • cb400f has written a little HOWTO for disabling OOo’s KDE 4 integration:

The KDE 4 integration that has is a bit buggy, and it’s not really obvious how to disable it in case of problems. So here’s how you can do it in openSUSE.

Simply put “export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome” in ~/.profile (for a single user) or /etc/profile.local (for all users). If these files don’t exist on your system, simply create them.

Setting this environment variable means OOo won’t integrate as well in KDE visually and in terms of the file dialog – but the Oxygen icons will remain, and you will get rid of the bugs. To get the KDE integration back, either revert the changes above, or change the variable from “gnome” to “kde4”.

The above should hold true for other distributions too – possibly with minor adjustments needed.

  • wstephenson worked  this week on opensuse marketing, organised preparations for hack week V workshops and presented on writing plasmoids in javascript.  Further he spent time on fixing akonadi bugs and general 11.3 cleanup.