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KDE: Week 24+25

Posted on: June 27, 2010

There was not much to report last week thus I skipped the blog post.  No issues with KDE and no IRC meeting either. This week’s IRC meeting took quite long since we had to discuss the KDE repository reorganisation. We did not finish yet but decisions already taken will be posted to the opensuse-kde@ mailinglist soon.

IMHO renaming URLs will not solve the issue of users getting their information off some forum and mailinglists and thus ending-up with a wild mix of Qt and KDE repos and wondering why their KDE repo suddenly becomes WIP since they are using Factory. Although everything is written out nicely on the openSUSE wiki, most people still did not get the different usage of the term STABLE within the last years. The STABLE repo always contained the packages released with the last openSUSE version plus official openSUSE updates, i.e. “stable openSUSE KDE” rather than “stable KDE for openSUSE”. Hence I prefer a GUI that explains everything to and handles repos for the user, keeping him away from URLs.

Anyway, this week I installed openSUSE 11.3 RC1 from the KDE Live CD keeping my 11.2 user folder and everything went fine. I had to re-arrange a few things since I used the KDE Air desktop theme on 11.2 which is not installed by default because of openSUSE Air.

The desktop effects did not work with my NVIDIA 7600 and the nouveau driver. The tricky bit is that with the nouveau driver installed the binary NVIDIA driver failed to compile. Yet even removing the package did not help, lsmod still showed the nouveau driver in use, no matter what runlevel I chose. Finally I found a hint that one has to run mkinitrd after one removed the package in order to get rid of that failing driver. Quite annoying. So if it fails for you as well and you do not want to use KDE without desktop effects, now you know what to do.

wstephenson announced on the opensuse-kde@ mailinglist that openSUSE 11.3 will ship KDE SC 4.4.4, so you want might to test those packages.

KDE Repos:

Thanks to dirk and tittiatcoke KDE SC 4.5 RC1 has built successfully and will be published to the UNSTABLE repo as soon as it was officially announced by the KDE Community. Further we got a new version of digikam in Backports and even digikam 1.3 will be available soon for KDE SC < 4.5 although it does need some libs from 4.5’s kdegraphics. Other updates include gluon, bespin, kaffeine,  scim-qtimm, amarok-git, qoauth, nepomuk-playground-svn, kdevelop4-pg-qt, kdevelop4-extra-plugins, luckybackup, lyx, vlc and of course Qt. Thanks to jobermayer, bitshuffler, alexqwesa, Beineri, cornelisbb, tittiatcoke and dirk for those.

Update: Digikam 1.3 is available for KDE SC < 4.5 from the Community, not the Backports repo.


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Now that 4.5 has been branched, what will KKUD (or its new incarnation) do? Will 4.5 RC2 appear in Factory after 11.3 release?

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