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It’s been a while without post, simply because I did not have any issues with my openSUSE or KDE that I could have written about. Meanwhile enough small things have accumulated.

The openSUSE and thus KDE update from 11.2 with KDE from the KDE:Factory repo to 11.3 and its stock KDE packages went smoothly via zypper dup.

The most annoying issues are that the not threadsafe dbus makes dolphin crash and thus look bad. Akonadi is crashing on logout sometimes, yet I could not get a backtrace yet because drkonqi is shut down while collecting it. And using desktop effects locks-up my Intel driven netbook from time to time because of buggy drivers/Xorg/Kernel (three more bugs: 123), i.e. not KDE. I wonder how often KDE gets blamed for bugs that are actually due to e.g. buggy graphics drivers or packages not part of KDE.

If the spellchecker does not work for you with openSUSE 11.3’s kmail, you have to make sure that the dictionary selected is not just the language’s name e.g. “Deutsch” but language name plus country e.g. “Deutsch (Deutschland)”.

From the repos:

KDE SC 4.5 is available for openSUSE 11.3 users. One should be aware though that anything outside KDE:Distro:STABLE (STABLE) is not officially supported by openSUSE and thus you should know what you are doing when adding new repos. Instructions can be found here.

As you might remember the repo structure for KDE on the buildservice changed quite a bit and is now finished. A description of the new repo structure can be found in the wiki. One issue I had was that updating to the new UNSTABLE:SC repo did cause dependency issues. The reason is that while UNSTABLE did contain non-SC apps such as amarok etc. UNSTABLE:SC does not. So you have to add another repo for those or downgrade them to the version that ships with your openSUSE release. Since they should be forward compatible that should not cause any trouble. Alternatively you can choose to add the UpdatedApps repo for upstream stable versions of non-SC applications or some Playground repo for the unreleased versions.

Kdepim45 moved to KDE:Unstable:SC:kdepim45 and currently consists of KDE PIM 4.5 beta 2 compiled against KDE SC 4.5. If you want daily snapshots of KDE PIM trunk you can add tittiatcoke’s kdepim46 repo. But beware, I frequently have to remove akonadi’s and kmail2’s config or apps files because either of those get messed-up easily and cause either of them to fail or crash.

Other small issues with the packages from UNSTABLE:SC include that KDE trunk, i.e. qtdbusmenu which is used for the systray, messes-up knetworkmanager’s context menu, i.e. one get invisible and disfunctional items. wstephenson has a workaround on its way though. And I had to disable the functionality check for my Intel driven netbook in order to get the desktop-effects working again.

You might have read about bluedevil replacing kbluetooth. Thanks to tittiatcoke there are snapshots of bluedevil available in the KDE:Unstable:Playground repo.

Other new packages include Kajongg, the new multiplayer Mahjongg game which was packaged by wstephenson.

From the developers:

wstephenson’s daughter Anna seems to energise him. Helping out on mailinglists and IRC to find the bugs causing issues to openSUSE KDE users. So you might want to check the KDE STABLE repo on the buildservice to test the bugfixes that have already been added and will be released via the official later on.

So thanks to Will openSUSE now has a ‘pure upstream’ KDE SC 4.5.0 openSUSE 11.3 LiveCD which you can use for testing purposes or as installation media. Also related to the release of KDE SC 4.5 are the updated branding packages to give a seamless Ethais (KDE 4.5’s default wallpaper) branded boot on openSUSE.

Bugs he was working on include a bug in KDE PIM 4.4 preventing email address completion working – which has been tracked down to Nepomuk and fixed in STABLE.

Further fixes included a plasma packaging error affecting Plasma’s desktop themes, resulting in black panel elements or black text on black, and missing icons. Other bugs fixed were related to the JavaScript-based default configuration in Plasma Desktop, preventing accidental drag and drop of panel applets onto the desktop while arranging a panel and preventing large applets from getting stuck while dragging them to the edges of the panel.

All fixes related to KDE SC 4.4.4 which ships with openSUSE 11.3 are already in STABLE and will be released via the official update channels soon.

If you are interested in testing mobile broadband support in KDE,  BlueDevil bluetooth stack and Pulseaudio with KDE SC 4.5 in order to asses their readiness for the next openSUSE release, you can join Will and report back on the mailinglist opensuse-kde or on IRC #opensuse-kde.