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KDE SC 4.8 seems to be a pleasant update, especially regarding KDE PIM. Though the latter still features bugs regarding filtering (filtering for List-Id or List-Post headers does not work for incoming mails on imap accounts) and has a few other issues left, it got a lot more stable and its active development is noticeable. Thanks to the new maintainer and the KDE PIM devs! Dolphin’s UI got a lot quicker and there are a lot more small improvements spread across KDE.

Unfortunately I’m once again fighting virtuoso-t eating CPU although the file indexer is idle and the dbus interface does not show any active queries – but that’s nothing a quick and dirty removal of all of nepomuk’s data can’t “solve”. I know, it’s not a nice solution but it worked for me in the past. I’m still trying to start using nepomuk+strigi with each release – e.g. hoping for some useful (e.g. google-like) search results that display more than a filepath when searching for a string.

Regarding openSUSE packages, you can check the build status in order to make sure all packages you have installed are available for an update. If the repo is rebuilding enable the “Last time results” checkbox at the top-right of that page to see whether the package did succeed before and was published. After that it’s as simple as (for openSUSe 12.1):

sudo zypper ar KR48
sudo zypper mr -r KR48
sudo zypper dup --from KR48

Make sure you do not add any Qt repos since the required Qt packages are included. Disable the UpdatedApps repo! You can read more about the KDE repos available for openSUSE on the wiki and drop-by on the openSUSE KDE IRC channel #opensuse-kde or the forums in case you need help.