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KDE SC 4.8.1 packages for openSUSE

Posted on: March 7, 2012

With one day delay, due to some fixes in KDEPIM, KDE SC 4.8.1 got released and openSUSE packages can be found in the KDE:Release:48 (KR48) repo. Akonadi willl be updated to 1.7.1 shortly in order to fix a possible data loss bug when copying/moving emails.

Potential data loss bug in akonadi filtering

I got a new mail loss bug with 4.8.1 when using bogofilter, set-up via the kmail wizard, on new emails arriving in an imap inbox. As I can see via my webmail interface, they get the bogosity header added and are then written back to the server, i.e. the “old” email is deleted and the new one (including a new date and time)  added. Problem is, the new one is empty, i.e. lost all its content but the to/from etc. I can reproduce it, i.e. enabling that filter rule causes the issues, disabling it solves it. It only happens on arriving emails, i.e. I cannot re-produce it by applying the filter manually. Maybe akonadi 1.7.1 fixes it, maybe it is that moving/copying bug the NEWS file mentions. It might be a “personal” bug, i.e. only happening to me, yet you have been warned!

UPDATE: Unfortunately this mail loss bug does neither only happen to me nor is it fixed with akonadi 1.7.1.

UPDATE2: There seems to be another very annoying bug introduced with 4.8.1 which makes kmail2 crash a lot for some people. I do not experience that one although nepomuk and email indexing is enabled in general. Maybe because I disabled it for my imap’s inbox via right-click > folder properties > maintenance. So you can try to disable nepomuk and/or disable some folders’ indexing.

Update instructions

Instructions on how to update KDE are available on the openSUSE wiki. As well as the corresponding repos available in case you need apps from Extra or Playground. Remember, never mix the KDE:UpdatedApps repo or any other repo meant for plain openSUSE 12.1 with KR48, i.e. read the warning on the wiki!

How to know when packages are ready

There have been many asking when packages for 4.8.1 will be available and how one should know when they are ready. Actually that’s quite simple.

a) Easiest method: Wait until the packages are announced on the opensuse-kde mailinglist.

b) Other method:

  1. Check for a release announcement.
  2. Check whether all packages built successfully and got published. The latter is indicated by the loaded lorry icon at the top of the package table.
  3. You can also check whether publish flags are on. Before a new release building might already have finished but packages might not get published yet.
  4. Know what you are doing since without any announcement it could still be the case that disabling publishing was simply forgotten and even though published, packages are not ready for use yet – i.e. better stick to a).

Build numbers vs. changed content

Regarding updates many users confuse build numbers vs. changed package content. If the package management shows that updated packages are available it does not necessarily mean that the content of the package changed, i.e. it could be that it is just a re-build and thus has a higher build number. E.g. kdebase4-workspace-4.8.1-40.i586.rpm does not necessarily contain any updates compared to kdebase4-workspace-4.8.1-4.i586.rpm.

How to know whether a package has changed

If you want to know what/whether a package has changed, you can have a look at the package’s sources, which lists the latest revision comment at the bottom or a package’s revision log, which lists all revisions. These are available in the toolbar at the top after you clicked on a package.

If a package is just a link to another package you can find the original package via the link at the package’s source view.


9 Responses to "KDE SC 4.8.1 packages for openSUSE"

I like it that you provide new packages for openSuse. But what about Tumbleweed, when will it get KDE 4.8?

My impression is that the KDE team is hardly coping with the current repos already, i.e. there is no time to take care of yet another target.
However, the packages exist and it is up to the tumbleweed people to import them.

Actually, the team just has to ask GregKH to import them, afaik. Shouldn’t be too much work (if any…) on top of maintaining Factory & Stable.

I know about another e-mail loss problem – bug 286043 (4 months without any reaction). So either akonadi has very low resources, or has much more troubles so the developers haven’t got time to look at “very high” priority bugs. In either case, I do not recommend it for every day use.

Well, they surely work on things – see how many issues got fixed in the last months? hundreds. But they are flooded by bugreports for old/obsolete versions, low quality or just insulting instead of helpful. That is a big drain on their bugfixing resources, right now 😦

Still, yes, this seems urgent and important. Especially because I’ve been bitten by the same bug 😀

It is very good that they are fixing bugs, but it looks like there are more important bugs remaining that needs to be fixed too.

Low quality bug reports would (partially) disappear when you could say – enable this and that and attach logs, so we can see what was going on here. The quality would increase dramatically – it is then responsibility of the developer to create useful logs. I’m also a developer and second thing on bad bug report is to ask for log files with the debugging log level enabled (first thing is to try something similar to what was described).

You should bribe (the original reporter) Milian to fix it, as he can reproduce it. 🙂 He is a developer (KDevelop maintainer), a co-worker with many KDEPIM persons, but I didn’t hear him yet complaining loudly about this bug. Anyway, the reason of not fixing it yet might be multiple, inlucding focusing on other issues, not being able to reproduce it (thus making it hard to fix), not using POP3 by many of the developers, and those using not seeing it, etc.

“How to know when packages are ready”: Well in practice it is not so simple, since a) nearly never happens. Even for 4.8.1, there is no announcement, yet, although b) seems to be valid…

So, please send these announcements. They do not have to be very long…

Re: How to know whether a package has changed

Is there any way the build process can /not/ release packages whose content has not changed?

It would be nice if we didn’t have to download lots of stuff we already have whenever we want to update to the newest package versions.

— Steve

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