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As you can read all over PlanetKDE, Calligra 2.4 has been released. In case you have not found them yet, since quite some time Calligra packages(including Krita) are available for openSUSE users, e.g. in KDE:Release:48. Koffice2 packages are removed.

One of the most re-occuring questions regarding KDE PIM within openSUSE is, how one can sync data with Google. KDE:Release:48 now holds the package akonadi-google which replaces the unmaintained akonadi-google-data package.

Both, Calligra and akonadi-google, will be part of openSUSE 12.2.

Finally I would like to point openSUSE KDE users to the beta packages of Digikam. IMHO Digikam is one of the most active and responsive (including handling) projects within KDE – attracting new developers by attracting more users. Those that want to help testing Digikam but are not familiar with building software, can get git snapshot packages from KDE:Unstable:Playground. Beware, those are git snapshots and thus might break some functionality. The package is updated at least once a week, so it should help to check for fixed/new bugs.


KDE packages for openSUSE, including Qt 4.8.1, are ready in the KR48 repo. This release is supposed to solve issues with nepomuk/virtuoso-t consuming a lot of CPU and does of course include a lot of other bugfixes. Unfortunately the mail loss bug that appeared with KDEPIM 4.8.1 in combination with a “pipe through” filter was not fixed. I guess more feedback and a devel who can re-produce the issue is needed.

If adding the repo, remember to not mix KDE:UpdatedApps (KUA) or KDE:Extra with KDE:Release:48. KUA is not needed and for Extra you can find the appropriate repo on the wiki.

If you would like to get into the KDE team at openSUSE, drop by on IRC (#opensuse-kde) and/or join the next meeting taking place next week Wednesday 11.04. 17:00 UTC on that channel.