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Warning: Do not update to the packages from KR48

Posted on: June 11, 2012

Do not update to the packages in the KDE:Release:48 repo. The repo is currently broken.

See and

UPDATE: Issues seem to be sorted out by now.

11 Responses to "Warning: Do not update to the packages from KR48"

Hi gentleman,
What do you mean with broken? I am running a system after updating from the repository you have mentioned and everything works fine so far. Could you please be more precise with the warning?

See and

It seem the crash related to nepomuk. I had nepomuk disabled, so KDE run just fine on my system. The only problem I had is Calligra keep crashing after uptdated to the latest version.

Please do let us know when things are sorted out. Or if there’s a repository with working 4.8.2 or 3 that we can downgrade to.

I need to remember to wait 2 weeks before upgrading…

Then, what can I do if I want to update my kde??

Wait little bit…

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

The single crash I had after updating to KR48 so far happened with Dolphin. I then removed dolphinrc as well as the folder dolphin under respectively ~/.kde4/config and ~/kde4/apps. I launched again the application and since then it is not crashing anymore.

This walk-a-round could maybe apply to the other applications. Give it a try.
openSUSE is unbreakable.

Have a lot of fun …

OK, it works now. However, mails received during the broken period are not indexed by nepomuk 😦

Akonadi doesn’t seem to care about whether the mails are correctly indexed or not. Is there any rescanning possible?

It’s even more interesting that only SOME messages are not indexed :-S

After logging out and in it started crashing again! Don’t update until someone else confirms it working!!!

Seems to work perfectly now…

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