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KDE SC 4.9.3 packages for openSUSE

Posted on: November 7, 2012

As announced on the opensuse-kde mailinglist, KDE SC 4.9.3 packages are available from the KR49 repo.

With those packages comes akonadi 1.8.1 which includes a lot of fixes from the recent KDEPIM coding sprint. It should improve performance and more importantly, KDE SC 4.9.3 and akonadi 1.8.1 should solve all known data loss bugs. A special thanks to all the PIM developers putting a lot of effort into improving KDE’s PIM stack!

You can find instructions on how to update on the openSUSE wiki.


3 Responses to "KDE SC 4.9.3 packages for openSUSE"

Sincere thanks to those whose skills & time are given to enable this to be available to mere mortals 🙂

Hi thanks from me, too.
However, I failed to upgrade because of some missing or wrong dependencies.
YAST2 claims about missing:

After doing a quick google search they seem to be a little outdated. In my openSUSE 12.2 I found the following:

For the moment I decided to keep PIM 4.8.5 but would like to step to 4.9.3.
Could you give me a hint how to proceed?

Thanks in advance

Meanwhile I found out that the error was on my side. I somehow managed to add the repo for 12.1 instead of 12.2, probably a Copy&Paste error.

Meanwhile I am running kdepim-4.9.4 and everything is fine.
Thanks to the opensuse team, who did this great job.


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