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KDE SC 4.10 packages for openSUSE

Posted on: February 6, 2013

As of today KDE SC 4.10 final packages are available for openSUSE 12.2 and Factory users. The new KR410 repo got built and you can replace your KR49 repos with it. KDE SC 4.10 will be part of openSUSE 12.3 and all minor updates for that KDE release will be shipped via the official update channel. Of course KDF does also contain KDE SC 4.10 final.

Currently there are no major bugs known. As already mentioned before, kio_sysinfo got replaced by kinfocenter because kio_sysinfo for openSUSE is unmaintained.

It is recommended to run nepomukcleaner to get rid of all legacy data. Beware though that it might take a long time. If you have nothing valuable in your nepomuk database, it is probably quicker to just remove its data from ~/.kde4/share/apps/nepomuk and start from scratch.

Another thing to note: if nepomuk crashes while indexing you might encounter an almost two years old Qt bug which according to the report, Qt devs are reluctant to fix. The problem of this bug is that after the crash virtuoso-t goes crazy. Thus you have to restart nepomuk via KDE’s systemsettings to make it behave again.

Please report packaging issues to the opensuse-kde mailinglist or #opensuse-kde on IRC. Bugs not specific to openSUSE should be reported upstream at KDE’s bug tracker.


5 Responses to "KDE SC 4.10 packages for openSUSE"

Nice! Thanks! I’m going to upgrade tomorrow. Just silly user question: How to run nepomukcleaner? 🙂

You can open kickoff or press ALT+F2 and start typing nepomuk.

why no release for 12.1? that’s the point of obs isn’t it?

What’s the point of obs?

There are neither enough resources within the KDE team to care for yet another repo-branch nor does it make a lot of sense to provide the latest KDE for the oldest openSUSE version. Especially since 12.1 will go EOL in foreseeable time. People who want the latest KDE should not stick with the oldest openSUSE.

KDE has a huge repo already. Using even more resources should be avoided.

so is suse moving towards providing software only for the current release?

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