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From openSUSE 12.3 on and currently already for the RC packages of KDE SC 4.10, kio_sysinfo will be replaced by kinfocenter. The icon for kinfocenter is still missing in the Kickoff > Computer tab but will be added soon. Until then you can start kinfocenter from the normal Kickoff menu.

The main reason for the replacement is that kio_sysinfo is basically unmaintained and hence bugs do not get fixed.

If you were using kio_sysinfo, please check whether kinfocenter provides all the info and functionality you used with kio_sysinfo. If not, post your suggestions here or to the opensuse-kde mailinglist.

Missing information from kinfocenter’s ¬†summary I noticed so far:

  • temperatures
  • free hard disk space for each partition
  • current CPU frequency

Most info is available, even in more detail than kio_sysinfo did show it, yet not as part of the summary. E.g. graphics info, memory stats etc.


The KDE:Distro:Factory repo aka KDF now serves KDE SC 4.10 RC2 packages for openSUSE 12.2 (ARM) and openSUSE Factory. KR410 will be created next week.

The KDE release team has decided to ship a third RC for 4.10. Even though this makes the schedule for 12.3 a bit tight the openSUSE KDE team holds on to the plan to ship KDE SC 4.10 with openSUSE 12.3.

Big thanks to everybody who made this happen!

KR49 now holds KDE SC 4.9.5 packages. Thanks to the packagers involved! You can report issues on the opensuse-kde mailinglist or on IRC in the #opensuse-kde channel.

The latter is also where the next openSUSE KDE team meeting will take place, on Tuesday 8 January 18:30 UTC (19:30 CET).